You can contact us via our questionnaires or through our contact page.
First of all, you will need to download our app here, which is available for both Android and iOS. Next, you will have to create a free account and enter an email and also a password. Remember that you can make an account by linking your Google, Apple or Facebook account to speed up the process. Afterwards, you will need to accept the terms and conditions to be able to continue. Finally, you’ll receive a verification email to be able to enjoy all of the app’s content. If you still have any questions or doubts, here you have a video tutorial on how to do the app registration
The verification email is probably in the “spam” or unwanted email folder. Open the “spam” folder and check if it’s in there. If it isn’t, try to resend the verification email from the app.
The app has a free version available, the freemium plan, which lets you follow your nutritional and fitness plan with some restrictions. If you want to make the most of all the advantages of being premium.
The premium subscription has three different types of payment plans: • The annual plan (12 months) with a payment of 49,99€. • The quarterly plan (3 months) with a payment of 14,99€. • The monthly plan (1 month) with a payment of 5,99€. For more details on our plans visit the app or visit our prices page. *Prices shown are as of June 2022 for Spain. For other territories check in the app.
This depends on the payment plan you selected. In the case of the monthly plan, it renews every month automatically, without having to enter payment details again. You can find more information in the terms and conditions.
To cancel the subscription on iOS devices you need to go into the phone’s settings > Apple ID. You’ll be able to cancel it up to a day before the renewal. On Android devices, you have to go into Google Play > Payments and subscriptions and like on iOS, you’ll be able to cancel it up to one day before the renewal. Remember that you’ll be able to enjoy the premium plan up to the renewal day.
On the starting screen of the app, you’ll have to go to Menu > Subscriptions > See your plan > Manage. This will redirect you to the phone’s settings, where you’ll be able to manage your contracted plan.
To do this you’ll need to access the app and the Login screen, selecting the “Forgot your password?” option. Next, you’ll have to enter the email address associated with your account to receive an email. You will need to open the email and in the link inside the email you’ll be able to change your password to a new one.
In the initial screen of the app you need to find the menu in the upper part. Here, you’ll be able to see your profile and all the app’s settings. In the upper part, next to your profile picture, you’ll see a space that says “Friend code”. Select the three dots and you’ll be able to share it with your friends, family or on social networks.
Of course, whenever you want! From the initial screen in the upper part, access the menu to see the app’s settings. Find the section “redo questionnaires” and select the one you wish to retake.
Lifetracking is a premium feature that allows you to synchronize all the information related to your lifestyle (extra exercise and other parameters) to readjust your meal plan in real time by recalculating calories.
Lifetracking resets your nutrition plan as extra activities are recorded in the app, thus recalculating the amounts of the planned meals to generate a flexible plan adapted to your goals. When you access your nutrition plan, in the app, you will be able to see the difference between planned and updated calories.
To activate lifetracking you have two options:The first option, add an extra activity (in the “+” symbol in the bottom bar).And the second option, at the top of the app, you will have to go to the hamburger menu and in the “preferences” section you will be able to activate lifetracking.


The iNubaBox is the first standalone device capable of performing a comprehensive analysis of the human body using a 3D body scanner. It allows you to extract hundreds of body metrics through thermographic analysis, bioimpedance and 3D body reconstruction. The information obtained from the scan is derived into individualized training and nutritional plans.
The iNubaBox is composed of three analysis systems: – Three-dimensional scanning system – Thermographic scanner – Multi-frequency octopolar bioimpedance system.The interaction of these three systems results in more than 500 body metrics, a three-dimensional avatar and a thermographic avatar in less than 90 seconds.
The iNubabox is perfectly integrated and interconnected with the analysis systems and its accessibility and autonomy make it unique. It aims to streamline the work of professionals in the management of information to avoid routine processes with high human error and high cost of time and resources. Therefore, the iNubaBox offers an interconnected solution to obtain the maximum information, in the minimum time and with the highest reliability.
To install an iNubaBox in your business, the minimum required space you need is 5m² and about 2.44 meters high. The size of the access door should be: – Height: 194 cm – Width: 186 cm
Don’t worry, a repair and maintenance service is available. In addition, the cabin is fully insured.
Both the metrics and the scan result will be available in the iNuba app as soon as you leave the iNubaBox.
In the iNuba app you will have a map with all the nearby iNubaBox locations. Access them to scan your body and have your avatar in 3D.
To ensure a perfect scan, be sure to follow all on-screen instructions during the scanning process.
Yes, but remember that the tighter the clothes you wear, the more reliable the metrics and measurements we extract through our 3D technology. For this reason, we recommend that you wear sportswear or do the scan with underwear.
The metrics and measurements extracted from the iNubaBox allow you to have all the health indicators at your disposal, as well as to better adapt the nutrition and fitness plans to your needs.
Of course! Once you have generated your 3D avatar you can share it on social media with your friends and family. Don’t forget to share your friend code with them so they can download the iNuba app.
Yes, but when you scan the QR code to enter the iNubaBox you must mark that you are pregnant so that the bioimpedance system is not activated. Once you have marked your particular situation you will be able to perform the scan safely.
Yes, but when you scan the QR code to enter the iNubaBox you must mark that you have a prosthesis or a pacemaker so that the bioimpedance system is not activated. Once you have marked your particular situation you will be able to perform the scan safely.


Yes, for that you will need to create a fitness plan. In the lower bar of the app you’ll have to go to the icon “Dumbbell” and then select “Create plan”. Next, you need to fill in the form and in the part that asks “Do you suffer from any pain?” you mention which one and what degree it is. This will allow you to adapt your fitness plan to your requirements.
This is added in the process of creating your fitness plan. To do this, you’ll have to hit the “Dumbbell” button and then “Create plan”. In the form you’ll need to fill in the question that says “Equipment” where you’ll be able to select the material you have to do your training routines.
To be able to see your training plans you will need to have internet connection.
To be able to enjoy your saved exercises you have to go to the “dumbbell icon” in the lower bar and then “Catalogue”. Once you’re inside the catalogue, next to the “search bar” you’ll find “three lines” in the shape of a funnel, click them and select “saved”. Once you filter through your saved exercises, you’ll be able to see your favourite ones.
Of course! In the lower bar, select the icon “+” > find the activity you’ve completed, as well as the completion time and then the acivity will have been registered.
Yes, to do that you need to access your daily workout plan and select settings. Next to each exercise you’ll see some arrows that allow you to change the exercise, except those warmup exercises that cannot be modified. Remember that you’ll need to be a premium plan member to enjoy this function.
When you unsubscribe from the premium subscription, the planned workouts cannot be modified by alternative exercises, nor can you skip the warm-up or stretching part. In addition, you will only be able to perform the workouts on the planned day.


To do this you’ll need to create your nutritional plan. Go to the icon of the “cutlery” in the lower bar of the app and select “Create plan”. Where it asks what type of diet, you’ll have to indicate if you follow any specific diet, like a vegetarian one for example. If you suffer from any intolerances or allergies, in the form you need to indicate which ones.
Of course! To do this, when you create your nutritional plan by going to the cutlery icon, you’ll find a question inside the form that asks you “Is there any food that you don’t like?”, after which you will need to select those foods that you don’t like from the list.
Yes, to do that you need to access your nutritional plan in the “cutlery” icon and for each meal you’ll have a carousel of three options so you can choose which one you prefer. Remember that you’ll need to be a premium plan member to enjoy this function.
It’s recommended to tick off the meals you have, whether the meals are in your nutritional plan or not. This will allow you to track record of your evolution in the app.
To be able to enjoy your saved dishes, you have to go to the “cutlery” icon > “recipe book”. Once you’re in the higher part, next to the “search bar” select the “three lines” and go to saved. Next, apply a filter and you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite recipes.
To do this, you have to go to the “+” icon on the lower bar and select food. In the search bar, insert the name of the food you’ve eaten and select add. Now the food has been recorded.
When you start to create the shopping list, the creating a shopping list form there’s a part that says “Look in your pantry” where you’ll be able to delete the foods you already have.
Yes, for that, when you finish the creating a shopping list form, select “Download” and you’ll be able to save it on your device for whenever you need it.
When you cancel your membership you will no longer enjoy all the benefits of being premium. You will be limited in the flexibility of the nutritional plan and will not be able to change the meals planned for the alternative options.In the recipe book you will only have access to view the full recipe of the non-premium options. The creation of the shopping list will be limited to two days.

3D Human report

Inside the app you’ll need to go to the lower part of the bar to the icon “iNuba”. On that screen, on the lower right you’ll find a “+” symbol. Once you click on the “+” button you have to click on the pencil just above to record your anthropometric data. Remember you can update your measurements as you advance for better precision.
In the 3D Human summary page you have our “Health Parameters”. To learn more about a specific metric, select the card for that metric to learn its definition. Remember that in some cases you have a “Learn more” button below the definition that will take you to the iNuba blog to learn more information about each metric.Under the health parameters you have a button with more metrics that do not appear in the summary screen.
The iNuba index is generated taking into account your body composition, gender, height, and goal. To activate it you must go to the 3D Human section in the app and at the top you must select “Complete your manual measurements to access your iNuba index”.In the basic metrics section, you will need to enter your “waist” and “hip” perimeters and hit the update button.When you return to the 3D Human tab you will get the index and a score from 1 to 10. Scrolling down you will get tips related to your index, lifestyle and goal.
To access all your metrics, you have a “More metrics” button where you will get a list of all available metrics.To have information on those without data, you will have to: go through an iNubaBox, manually enter basic and advanced metrics or make a mobile 3D avatar (coming soon).Remember that only through the iNubaBox you will get data concerning thermography.
The 3DHuman area is directly connected to our iNubaBoxes, where 3 systems are combined: bioimpedance, 3D scanner and thermography. To get your full metrics you will need to access a full scanner.Other methods to get more metrics in your 3D Human area is through manual metrics, mobile 3D avatar or device integration (coming soon).