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Enhance your business with the iNubaBox

The first 3D human body scanner powered by artificial intelligence.

The ultimate 3D body scanner

3D body reconstruction

Digitize your body in a 3D avatar and obtain +300 body metrics that are used to recommend a nutritional plan and a tailored training program based on your specific needs and goals. 

Locate your nearest iNubaBox using our app and connect your profile to the booth in just a few minutes.

Body composition

The iNubaBox boasts a body composition analysis system that uses bioimpedance. 

Monitor your fat %, muscle %, weight, health indexes, metabolic age, caloric needs and much more, all in real time.

Thermographic analysis

Infrared technology applied to the human body generates objective and reliable information.

We use body thermography to measure the temperature of your joints and muscles. This allows us to detect or prevent future pain and injuries.

Boost your business with iNubaBox

If you would like to add the world’s most advanced autonomous measurement system to your business, contact our sales team and we will inform you on how to make the most of the iNubaBox. 

Generate more revenue, increase traffic to your store, drive digital transformation and stand out in your industry.

An experience to remember

The iNubaBox delivers a unique and unforgettable sensory experience. The modern exterior is designed to attract and impress while the cozy interior creates a calming atmosphere.  

We maintain the highest safety and hygiene standards, ensuring the booth is disinfected after each use.

Are you ready to join the iNuba movement?

Contact us if you are interested in the iNubaBox and would like to enjoy the benefits of becoming an iNuba Partner.