iNuba Wellness

Software for gyms, fitness clubs and organizations that want to improve its users’ experience, fitness and wellness.

Innovation for gyms, fitness clubs and organizations

A software to control them all

Can you imagine being able to provide a customized service in a gym or a university with hundreds or thousands of members? With our software for gyms, clubs and organizations, iNuba Wellness, it’s possible.

Enjoy all the features of iNubaBox, iNuba Clinic software and our app. Check all the metrics and health indexes, follow the evolution of each user and get feedback on how to improve.

software para mejorar toma de decisiones en la empresa

Differentiate your gym or fitness club

Stand out from the competition thanks to a digital ecosystem full of advantages for you and with customized health, nutrition and training advice for your gym or club users.

Provide complementary services and a much more personalized follow-up. Members will not have to look elsewhere for these services, which will also increase their loyalty and motivation.

Your organization’s wellbeing

Spread a positive message to your staff about healthy habits and provide the tools to make it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Raising awareness of the benefits of healthy living will make the people benefiting from the service, more active and therefore happier, more engaged and more productive.

Corporate wellness employees

We can help you

Talk to us if you want to explore the solutions we offer to improve and innovate in your business/organization.