lifetracking seguimiento de actividad en tiempo real

Track your progress, track your life

Our lifetracking system synchronizes all the information about your lifestyle, exercise and other relevant parameters, and adjusts it to your needs in real time.

How to make the most out of the lifetracking system?

Daily activity tracking

At iNuba we know that every day is different, that’s why every time our app registers an extra activity or detects a change in your daily activity, the lifetracking system allows you to recalculate the necessary calories intake that appears in your nutritional plan and adjust it to your new needs in real time.

seguimiento actividad diaria
wearables y dispositivos de seguimiento

Synchronize your devices

The latest technology based on wearables such as smartwatches, rings or necklaces among others, allows us to monitor our health and lifestyle. In iNuba you can integrate more than 500 devices from leading brands such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, and many more.

Customized recommendations

Each person is unique, that’s why at iNuba we take into account the data integrated through devices (sleep, extra activities, blood pressure and much more) and your extra activities/meals to modify your training and nutrition plans and adjust the recommendations to achieve your goals.