Enhance your business with the iNubaBox

Increase revenue with our 3D body scanner, state-of-the-art health and wellness technology at your company’s fingertips.

Join the iNuba community and start reaping the benefits

Main Advantages of the Partner Program

Generate revenue

Earn commissions on each body scan and iNuba App subscription.

More potential customers

Increase your local traffic thanks to the iNuba community.

Set your business apart

Become a driving force in digital transformation in your industry.

Make the most of the iNuba digital ecosystem


Set your gym or sports center apart. Get the most out of your athletes.


Attract more customers to your retail area with a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.


Improve your services, attract more clients and generate revenue for your health and wellness business.


Take care of your team’s well-being and improve your employer brand.

Partner Platform

All important information regarding your activity as a partner is centralized on our Partner Platform.

Visualize your progress

Monitor performance on our Partner Platform. Enjoy unlimited access to support and detailed information regarding your partner activity.

Monitor and manage your income

Receive monthly payments and monitor how much you are earning thanks to commissions on scans and subscriptions.

Join the iNuba Community


% 50 per scan

  • 20% commissions on app subscriptions
  • Indirect income from contributors
  • iNubaBox and iNuba app referral management
  • Promotional support and visibility on the app


% 25 per scan

  • 10% commissions on app subscriptions
  • Access to support in the Partner Network
  • iNubaBox and iNuba app referral management
  • Promotional support

What makes iNubaBox different?

3D body reconstruction
Thermographic analysisx
Bioimpedance and vital signsx
Artificial Intelligencex
Direct and indirect commissionsx
Partner Platformx

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our team if you would like to receive more information

The iNubaBox is the first 3D human body scanner powered by artificial intelligence. 

Thermographic analysis, bioimpedance, and 3D body reconstruction work simultaneously to automatically obtain hundreds of body metrics. 

All of the data obtained by the iNubaBox is used to create individualized training and nutrition plans with real-time tracking. 
Partners and associates receive a commission each time a client uses their referral code for an iNubaBox body scan or to subscibe to the iNuba App. 

If you are a partner and your company owns an iNubaBox, you’ll receive direct revenue for each scan in your booth and for each subscription to the iNuba app. Additionally, you will receive indirect revenue in the form of users who are referred to your business thanks to the Partner Network.  

If you are an associate and your company does not own an iNubaBox, you’ll receive direct revenue for each client that uses a partner’s iNubaBox thanks to your referral. You  will also receive a commission on each user that subscribes to the iNuba app, provided they use your associate referral code. 
All you need in order to become a partner is an iNubaBox and a socket. We take care of the entire process, including user registration, while you receive the commissions. The moment you purchase an iNubaBox is the moment you become an iNuba partner. 

If you would like to become an associate, contact our Partners team via our online form. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information so that you can begin welcoming referred users and earning commissions as soon as possible.  

There is also the possibility that an existing iNuba partner may wish to bring a new associate on board, either because the potential associate has contacted the partner directly and requested to become an associate, or because our partner has nearby centers which could redirect clients to them and they wish to incorporate these centers into their network. In these cases, the incorporation can carried out directly on the Partners dashboard.
The minimum space required to install the iNubaBox booth is 5 m2 and  2.44m in height. 

The measurements of the access door are approximately: 
Height: 194 cm 
Width: 186 cm 
Rest assured, we provide you with access to a repair and maintenance service, and the iNubaBox is fully insured.