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Corporate software that analyzes your company’s wellness. Improve productivity, habits and motivation with health, nutrition and training plans for employees.

Software to improve your company’s health and wellness

Understand your workplace better

Understand the different drivers of organizational wellness and make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and motivation.

Take advantage of the information to act on areas in need of improvement. Check productivity, daily activity, nutrition, company perception, sleep, and physical and mental health.

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Corporate wellness employees

Take care of your employees

Ensure that your employees are more aware of the importance of having good habits and the relationship between their daily work and their physical and mental state.

Thanks to the iNuba app we offer an action plan with tailored fitness and nutrition to facilitate a healthier and more active life. Get more productive and satisfied people at work.

Improve your employer branding

Add value to your company with a health and wellness program that enhances your employer branding. Promote healthy habits among your employees to improve your company’s attraction and retention.

Motivate your employees based on the corporate wellness program with incentives and recognition for those who are truly involved in improving their health.

Better employer branding

Achieve higher productivity and talent retention

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