Get your own 3D avatar

Enjoy with our app a personalized 3D avatar on your phone and check your most relevant body metrics.


Follow these steps to generate your 3D avatar in our app


Choose a large indoor space to start the process.
The recording area should have good lighting, no reflections or shadows that could blur the video, no mirrors around and no obstacles between the camera and the user.

quitar accesorios interferencia avatar tridimensional persona

Clothing and accessories

For the recording you should wear tight-fitting clothing, preferably with texture, tie up your hair and avoid black and white garments.

Any accessories that distort the silhouette should be removed, such as earrings, watches, hats and other accessories.

It is necessary not to wear shoes at the time of filming.

Body posture

You must position yourself in an “A” shape, with your feet at hip level and your arms extended at a 45º angle, with your fists closed.

During the recording you must remain in the center of the scene, and not move or speak at any time.

posición en A para crear un avatar 3D
inclinación móvil grabación avatar 3d con el teléfono


At the moment of recording, the person in charge of recording must remain at a certain distance from the user and tilt the cell phone slightly (5º). It is important to make a 360º turn around the person we are recording.

During the recording, a constant speed should be maintained with a total duration of approximately 1′ and 1’20”.

General advice

To ensure the quality of the avatar, it is important not to zoom in at any time and not to cut any of the limbs while the video is being made.

When uploading the video, make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network.

crear avatar 3d en el móvil grabando un vídeo