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Digital nutrition and meal plans

Artificial intelligence applied to nutrition. Food analysis and personalized nutrition plans developed by specialized professionals.

Create your own customized diet and nutrition plan

Personalized online meal plans

Enjoy customized meal plans tailored to your specific goals. Lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply eat healthier. 

Our app contains over 6,000 delicious recipe options for you to choose from. Change up your meals as often as you like and our app will adjust its calculations to maintain your desired calories and nutrients.

Tailored to your tastes and health requirements

We take health compications, allergies, and intolerances into account to generate meal plans that are safe and fully adapted to your needs. 

Use our app to adjust your digital meal plan to your lifestyle and preferences. Our professionals adhere to international standards to ensure the safety of their nutritional recommendations.

Smart shopping list

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. We streamline the entire process, generating an automated shopping list based on the dishes selected from your meal plan. 

We provide the exact measurements of the ingredients needed for your recipes for maximum efficiency.