Recommend iNuba. Generate extra income

Recommend iNuba. Generate extra income

Generate more income with the iNubaBox and our app. Promote healthy habits around you thanks to the latest technology in health and wellness.

Generate more income with the iNubaBox and our app.

Join our contributor program

Main Advantages of Contributors

Generate income

Commissions for each scan and subscription in the app.

No additional cost

Contact us to receive your free partner code.

Happier customers

Improve service and loyalty with the latest technology.

Make the most of the iNuba digital ecosystem

Gyms and Sports Clubs

Provide added value to your athletes by recommending iNuba.


Improve your treatments and follow up in a more personalized way.


Revenue model adapted to any type of company..

Contributor Platform

All the information about your activity as a contributor centralized.

Visualize your evolution

Monitor performance by accessing our platform. Detailed information and help related to your activity as a contributor. 

Monitor and manage your revenues

Receive your payments monthly. Know how much you are earning thanks to commissions for scans and subscriptions.

Take care of your environment by generating income

Contributor Plan

% 25
per scan in iNubaBox
  • 10% subscription fees on the iNuba app
  • Partner network support
  • iNubaBox and iNuba app referral management
  • Promotional support

Coming Soon: iNuba Business

Get to know our iNuba Business software for companies.

iNuba Business software empresas

Take your business to another level

Take advantage of the entire iNuba ecosystem (iNubaBox and iNuba App), centralize all health information and receive all kinds of recommendations and data. Facilitate and professionalize the daily management of your health, sport and wellness business.

Smart customization

Software designed by and for health, nutrition, and wellness professionals. Optimize your work process and make more individualized treatments in your business. Track all metrics in real-time thanks to Lifetracking

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our team if you need more information

Recommend and share iNuba digital health and wellness services with your customers. Generate extra income for your business by incentivizing the use of your contributor code in the app or the iNubaBox.

Contributors receive a commission for each scan in the iNubaBox and for each subscription in the app they get with their referral code.

If you are a contributor and do not have an iNubaBox in your business, you receive commissions for each user you get to use a partner’s iNubaBox. In addition, you will also receive commissions for each user that registers in our app, as long as they use your contributor code.

To become a contributor, contact our team through the form and we will give you what you need to start getting referrals and earning commissions as soon as possible.

We will review your application and approve it if you meet the criteria.

The contributor program is designed for any type of business that wants to generate extra income and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, if you have a business related to sports, or you belong to the health and wellness sector, you can benefit from our technology to track your customers in real-time. Make tailored recommendations and treatments to improve your service based on objective data.

The first 3D body scanner for people-powered by artificial intelligence.

Thermographic analysis, bioimpedance, and 3D body reconstruction working at the same time to automatically obtain hundreds of body metrics. 

All the health information obtained is derived into individualized training and nutritional plans with real-time tracking.

We will give you access to our contributor platform. There, you will be able to view all user activity in the app and iNubaBox related to your contributor code, as well as the revenue generated in commissions.