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Check your health and fitness easily. View all the information about your body metrics and health indexes in the app.


The most comprehensive health app

3D Human

Would you like to be sure that you are in good shape? When you use our health section, 3D Human, you can check hundreds of body metrics and health indexes in one place. 

You can have a 3D scan in an iNubaBox, create your 3D avatar from your phone or input your metrics manually into the app for a completely individualized experience.

iNuba Index

The iNuba index represents a score that is calculated based on different body metrics and information about you. Receive recommendations based on your score and check your evolution.

The combination of AI, 3D technology, thermography and body composition analysis is used to generate this score and to adapt your nutritional and training routines.

Body composition analysis

Find all the information about your body composition and learn about the different body components in detail.

Check your % body fat, % muscle, % body water or fat-free mass, among others, from the app. With an iNubaBox nearby, you can get all the data quickly thanks to bioimpedance.

3D Scanner

Check the results, perimeters and metrics of your generated 3D avatars, either in iNubaBox or by uploading a video thanks to the 3D mobile feature.

Follow your progress intuitively by visualizing the different 3D reconstructions of your body over time.

Infrared thermography

Thanks to infrared thermography, the app provides a complete body temperature analysis and alarms associated with possible temperature asymmetries to pay attention to.

Measure the temperature of your joints and muscles to improve the prevention and detection of future injuries or pain. Detailed and objective information at your service.