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iNuba App

Nutritional plans and tailored training routines on your cell phone thanks to the latest technology in health and wellness.

The ultimate health, nutrition and sports app

3D Human

Use our iNubaBox body scanner to get your own 3D avatar in the app.  

Locate your nearest iNubaBox from our app and connect your profile with the booth using your QR code.

We combine artificial intelligence, 3D technology, thermography, and advanced body composition analysis systems to make your nutritional and training routines much more personalized.

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Real-time tracking

Our app uses objective metrics to give you a quality, individualized, and guaranteed service. In addition, thanks to Lifetracking you will be able to see your evolution in real-time.

Link your favorite devices to sync all your activity information and make your nutrition and training plans fit.

Customized nutritional plans

Find all the detailed nutritional information, validate your weekly plan and get your smart shopping list.

Nutritional plans adapted to your goals, lifestyle, diseases, allergies and intolerances. Access the recipe book and choose from more than 6,000 recipes.

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Tailored training

Our algorithms, supervised by the Sport Science team, will design a tailored training plan for you after analyzing your metrics, injuries, and goals.

Find exercise guides, routines, and training types directly in the app. Work out with guarantees at home, outdoors, or at the gym.

Do it yourself

iNuba can also be used without 3D scanning. The artificial intelligence built into the app will individualize your training and eating plans to the maximum.

Enter your data and change your meal, workout, and exercise preferences as often as you like.

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Want to try our app for free?

Contact us if you are interested in testing our App in advance of the launch and receive premium benefits at no cost.