iNuba Business software para empresas

iNuba Business

Our business software facilitates and professionalizes the daily management of your health, sport and wellness business.

Software that makes your day-to-day life easier

Take your business to another level

Organize in a simple way your work calendar, room occupancy, task assignment and, event periodicity.

Take advantage of the entire iNuba ecosystem (iNubaBox e iNuba App), centralize all your health information, and receive all kinds of recommendations and data.

iNuba Business software empresas
iNuba Business software empresas

Gyms, professionals and sports facilities

Our software allows you to create a digital environment, full of advantages for you and with customized recommendations for the users of your gym or sports center.

Smartly manage your time, resources, clients and, professionals in a unique digital environment.

Health, lifestyle and nutrition

Software designed by and for health, nutrition, and wellness professionals. Optimize your work process and make more individualized treatments in your business.

Visualize and control from one place the information of your patients, your daily work, and that of your employees.

iNuba Business software salud, deporte y nutrición
usuarios iNuba Business SaaS

Customize your service to the maximum

Bring value with our business software to your team and each of your customers through the customization of the experience of all users present in the management ecosystem.

Optimized tracking of tasks, performance, notifications and log information to help you in your day to day.

Take your health, sports or nutrition business to the next level

Contact us if you want to save time while increasing the quality of service to your customers and their loyalty.