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iNuba Clinic

Our software for health and sports professionals to analyze health data and metrics generated in the iNuba app, iNubaBox and/or wearables.

The definitive health and sports software

Full service customization

Add value to your business with our management software for professionals through intelligent customization. Planning, resources and workflow total optimization.

Take advantage of the entire iNuba ecosystem (iNubaBox and iNuba App), centralize all health information, track each user’s progress and receive all kinds of recommendations and data.

software management and customization with iNuba
Thermography iNuba Clinic


Visualize and take advantage of all the information provided by thermography for your business. Accelerate and improve your recovery processes and early detection of injuries and pain.

Thanks to infrared thermography you can identify inflammation areas, detect potential injuries in advance and monitor possible vascular disorders.


Get an in-depth body composition knowledge through electrical bioimpedance and design individualized strategies based on each profile’s different needs.

360º fitness and health assessment with change tracking over time to pinpoint what is working and what needs to be addressed.

Bioimpedance body composition analysis iNuba Clinic
3D scanning iNuba Clinic

3D Scanning

By working with our 3D technology you add the capability of an objective and visual body status and evolution control.

Manage from the same software the 3D full body avatars generated in the iNuba environment and obtain different body metrics, a postural evaluation and health indexes.

Use iNuba’s potential to boost your health and fitness business

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