iNuba Performance

High performance sports club and medical software. Make the most of iNuba technology to achieve the best results.

The latest technology for high performance

Every detail counts

Details count, especially when it comes to high-performance sports and advanced medicine.

Take advantage of iNubaBox and iNuba Clinic software’s full potential. Centralize all the health insights, follow each person’s evolution and receive all kinds of recommendations to get the most out of it.

Sports club management

Underperformance can be seen even in the best teams due to a variety of circumstances. Learning to identify them will help you take effective action and achieve the most out of each individual.

Build a tandem between human talent and advanced sports team management software. A tool that will bring you closer to achieving both the sporting and personal goals of the team.

High performance centers

Optimize members’ athletic performance and provide them with advanced tools for injury prevention and treatment to succeed at the highest level of competition.

A software to provide the best for performance analysts, trainers or directly for athletes to know how to use objective and useful information about their performance.

Thermography iNuba Clinic

Digital health and medicine

Provide added value to medical teams to improve treatments, design action plans based on objective information, and carry out a more individualized monitoring.

Check if treatments and recommendations are being effective. Adjust elements such as training, wellness or nutrition plans to address areas for improvement.

Step into the future of high performance with iNuba

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